Thursday, August 17, 2006

Wycombe Stones

These photos of stones on Tom Burt's Hill were sent to us by David Payne. He wondered whether they had anything to do with the ley line that runs from West Wycombe Hill across Tom Burt's. According to Alfred Watkins' 'The Old Straight Track', mark stones were placed on the line of the tracks so that people knew that they were still on the line. David also found a reference to pudding stones that would explain the concrete-like appearance. If you line them up with Castle Hill Mount on the other side of the valley, the line also continues along the pre-historic path of Coffin Way and cut right through the Dog Stone outside the Guildhall and the Parish Church.

The idea of a mark stone may also explain the curiuos rock next the bus stop on Wooburn Green which is on the ancient way of Green Street that connects the Ridgeway at Bledlow with the Thames at Hedsor Wharf.


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