Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Mapping Exercise at the Wycombe Museum Talk

At the end of the our talk at the Wycombe Museum, the audience were invited to add their comments to an OS map of High Wycombe. Scale 1:25000.

Camp at Flackwell Health. Mitford's Facists, then carribbean arrivals in 1950s!! Would like to see the stream opened up in the new development - is an integral part of wycombe. Chocolate Factory Rice Crispy Cakes. Mac's Cafe opposite Railway Station. 'Piggy' wood at top of Green Hill. Caves under the Museum. Facsination history of Green Street and its connection to the Icknield Way - would like to see more of a feature of this. In 1950s the first vincentians arrived and spent their first night in a bus shelter where is it? Desborough Road? Inclusion of Caribbean and Pakistani population in the 60's - their influence and 'feel' of High Wycombe. Tom Burts Hill.


Blogger getrotter said...

Piggy Wood!! is it still known as this? I left High Wycombe 40 years ago as a 10 year old. I will be returning in a few weeks, Can I still go to my beloved Piggy Wood?
Gina Ellard

7:52 am


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