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Significant Sites - a Summer Solstice Derive - an invitation to participate

Significant Sites
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DATE: June 18th 2005, TIME: 10.30am to 9pm(ish) PLACE: High Wycombe Town Centre. YOU will be able to interact with the walker and feed him with information about the sites, your own thoughts and stories about the places he passes through and suggest alternative routes.

To participate, register your interest, post your comments now, email or txt: 07986 357156 on the day. Check out his progress on this blog.

Statement of Intent

Inspired by the Sitautionist practice of dérive, we set out to chart the layers of place that make up High Wycombe as it undergoes a period of transition and redevelopment.

After conducting and initial period of investigation through a series of dérives and interventions we intend to stage a grand psychogeographical event during the Summer Solstice.

A Walker will embark on a ritualistic perambulation to link up the significant sites, or Nodules of Energy that surround the town. He will use the town's matrix of ancient footpaths to achieve this circuit.

Using a videophone he will send moving images to a base station in a prominent position in the town centre where they will be projected onto a screen where spectators will be able to watch the walk as it happens. The relayed image of the walker is presented alongside a montage of archive film and present day photographs of the town together with a simulated image of the town. In addition to the video clips the walker will send reports from his location via voice and text messages.

Spectators will be able to interact with the walker giving him directions to places they consider to be significant sites and furnish him with information and folklore about the areas he walks through.

People will be encouraged to set out on their own dérives and send back images and text to the base station for projection and relay to the audience.

John Rogers/ Cathy Rogers
07986 357156
V3 25/4/05

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