Saturday, November 13, 2004

Desborough Hundred Psychogeographical Society

We have formed the Desborough Hundred Psychogeographical Society as a result of our project and to further our research into the psychogeography of the area potentially leading to a total transformation of everyday life. Revolutions start humbly.
We have printed our first newsletter and distributed it on Thursday. It includes: Wycombe TCR as Spectacle, the Ley Line that runs from West Wycombe to Burnham and reports of its effects on mundane objects in its area, derive report 2.5, and much more. You can pick up a copy for free from the Central Library, Wycombe Museum, Ruby Moon, BCUC, Tourist Information, The Roundabout, Scorpion Records or you can email us your address and we'll post you one.
We are also keen to receive submissions for the next edition which will come out when we get round to it.
All enquiries to:


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